France Ireland Chamber of Commerce (FICC) Members Best Practices’ Survey

The France Ireland Chamber of Commerce (FICC), whose mission is to support the increase of trade and business links between France and Ireland, and to attract potential investors to both countries, recently conducted its second ‘Members Best Practices’ survey with 40 of its members taking part, from Agri, Agro, and Food & Beverage members, to Consumer goods, Retail, and Transport & Logistics members. This survey ran from mid-May to mid-June of this year.

In the survey, members answered questions and provided feedback on several interesting topics. For example, in the first survey that the FICC conducted at the start of the pandemic, 91% of members feared that the financial results would be worse than planned, and now, 71% of members admit that the financial results will be worse than the original assumption at the start of the Pandemic.

Other interesting topics were explored in the survey, for example how the pandemic has created new business opportunities, created significant losses, and forced businesses across the globe to adapt and rethink their work practices. Interesting statistics were also gathered on how some companies have not taken any measures to reduce financial/HR related issues.