NI Executive Should Set 15th June For Retail Reopening-Retail NI

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Commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcement that English retail businesses on the ‘non-essential’ list can reopen from 15th June, Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“This is a welcome announcement by the Prime Minister, and we believe that 15th June should be the target date set by the Executive for Northern Ireland retailers on the ‘non-essential’ list to reopen in line with medical guidance”

“If the Executive give them the green light, retailers who are currently on the ‘closed’ list can consult and train staff, produce a social distancing plan and retrofit their stores to ensure the safety of shoppers and shop staff by 15th June”

“The NI Executive also needs to begin work on a wider reopening plan for our town and city centres, which will ensure the right health and safety guidance for retailers, key businesses in town centres, their employees and also consumers”

“It is vital that we create confidence in shoppers that our high streets will be safe in the event of a wider reopening plan”


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